Mock Build and Vision Testing

In order to finalize the dimensions of the vehicle and to get an actual real life approximation of size, the team spent the weekend building a mock up frame of of the HESPHEV. Constructed out of wood, this allowed the team to be able to finalize component placement based on the driver seating and safety requirements.

Axle placement:

More pictures to come.

Vision Testing

Per SEM America requirements, the driver has to be able to see directly in front of him, 90 degrees to his left and right, and as well as objects that are placed in 30 degree increments in his field of view.

To ensure that our team’s design would pass these requirements, a vision test was performed with the driver sitting in the mock up. It was measured from 0 to 180 degrees in his field of view to figure out what points were and weren’t visibile.

The following allowed the team to figure out how big of a windshield the vehicle needed and the placement of the windshield. The poster board mimicked the top half of the vehicle.


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