Fox 31 News Broadcast

Check out a little story the local news did on the project!


Two Weeks Left!

The pressure is on with two weeks left until we head on down to Houston for the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Competition.

We would live to thank the SCP of Auraria Campus for their donation to the project.

The selected fuel cell of choice has arrived and is awaiting testing at this moment.

Check out the following video of our composite monocoque layup!

Less than a Month Away!

Hello all, sorry for the lack of updates as of recent but the team is hard at work trying to complete the vehicle for the upcoming marathon.

Notable news:

РRedesigns of the steering and motor mounts and parts were needed to be completed to correctly work with the specialized bike components for the vehicle. They also needed to suport all of the loads of the vehicle adequately.

– A new motor had to be chosen to power the vehicle. Instead of running three motors as originally planned, the design for one more powerful one was chosen to get the needed stall torque and power.

– The mold of the monocoque has been completed and is awaiting for carbon fiber layup to finalize the body of the vehicle.