Some Auraria Campus Accomplishments

The team members of Mile HIghdrogen can honestly say that this project was one of their biggest accomplishments. Not only were they able to design, build, and compete a functioning vehicle from the ground up in a span of less than 7 months, they were able to create new resources for the future students at the Auraria Campus.

The campus consists of two universities and a community college and with the research and purchase of the Hydrogen fuel stack, it opened new doors for research and development on campus. With the help of the Sustainable Campus Program of Auraria, the fuel stack can be accessed and used by 30,000+ students from the three schools, through the Auraria fuel cell program. A program of this nature has not been available to the campus until now, where different students can research and develop new innovations using the fuel cell.

If you’re a student from the Auraria Campus, please follow this link for more information on the program:


The team was also able to lend a helping hand into the creation of a new program of study at the UC Denver School of Engineering. Motorsports Engineering will provide undergraduate and graduate programs of study for future students to gain knowledge of the automotive industry. 


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