A Horizon 1000XP fuel cell was chosen as the heart of the vehicle. It is a proton exchange membrane fuel cell that converts hydrogen gas to electricity. The system weighs 8 lbs, which benefitted us in our vehicle weight goals. It also outputs 1000W of power (48V @ 20A), to power our DC motor.

A potentiometer was integrated into the vehicle controls to regulate the power output of the system, acting as the throttle of the vehicle.

As seen in the following original designs, 3 electric DC motors were chosen to power the vehicle. A custom rim gear and hub interface were designed and manufactured to apply the bike components and power sources to the vehicle.

Original design components:

Changing from original designs, a single high power motor setup was chosen and manufactured.

A rim gear alongside a pinion gear was manufactured to function with an integrated hub interface to propel the vehicle.


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