Vehicle Body

Aerodynamic wind tunnel testing was performed through design progressions to achieve the lowest drag coefficient for the vehicle. This led to a multitude of vehicle designs. 3 different models were tested giving the results below. Model M-type II was chosen as the vehicle design based off of these results.

Vehicle design details are shown below. These were the goals and reasoning we had set forth for the construction of the vehicle.

A monocoque is a vehicle body that uses the skin to support the loads of the vehicle without the use of a frame. This helped us reduce the total weight of the vehicle.

To ensure our chosen Carbon fiber laminate would work for the vehicle, sample layups were performed to ensure satisfaction.

The monocoque came out to be 23 lbs, which was great to our goals. Within the laminate, aluminum mounting plates were placed in strategic locations to help attach components to the vehicle. An aluminum firewall was also laid up into the vehicle to separate the motor bay from the driver to ensure safety.


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